Are you looking for a house to rent in Manchester but are unsure of what to do? This guide will give you all the best advice to help you find the best property to rent for you. Whatever the budget, Manchester and its surrounding areas has a wide range of rental properties available and has something to offer for everyone.


Where should I look for a property?

Demand on the rental market is very high in Manchester, this means properties are getting snapped up by tenants very quickly. To find a property your best searching for letting agents within Manchester and viewing their websites to see what properties they have available. It is also a good idea to ring letting agents directly so they can add you to their database and can inform you straight away if anything comes up that fits your budget and criteria, this will give you the best chance of securing a rental property.

What do I need out of a property?

You should also think about what you need out of a property. How many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, whether it has outdoor space, if you need parking space etc. You should keep an open mind from here on out and decide what you would want but can live without. This could be a spare bedroom, a garden, the amenities that the location has to offer etc. This will help narrow down your search and enable you to look at more properties within your budget.

How do I figure out my budget?

You can determine your budget by subtracting your monthly bills such as council tax, savings, and phone contracts etc. from your monthly income then you can work out what you can comfortably afford to pay on rent and utility bills each month. Make sure you have additional money left over so you can still be in a good financial position and are prepared for any financial hiccups that life may bring. Your letting agent will be able to help you with this and once you have applied for a property, they will also run credit checks which will determine if you can comfortably afford rent for that specific property.

There are Government Schemes available that can help you towards your rent payments if you are on a low income.


Location is paramount so when you’re searching for a property to rent in Manchester take into consideration if you want to be in the lively City Centre or on the outskirts in towns such as Gorton, Oldham, and Stockport. Remember the closer to Manchester City Centre that a property is, the more the rent will increase. So, you may find that towns in Greater Manchester will offer a wider range of properties with lower rents and potentially more space too. It’s worth noting that most places in Greater Manchester have great transport links via busses, trains and trams that can get you straight into the City Centre in good time which is perfect for commuters. 


What happens once I’ve applied for a property?

Once you have applied for a rental property the letting agent will process your application where various checks will be carried out. These usually entail financial checks to make sure you don’t have any CCJs or other financial irregularities in your name and to check you can comfortably afford the rent. Also, employment references will be obtained to confirm that you are employed where you say you are and a character reference from somebody who knows you well. For applications for people who are on Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, we will still need to carry out the financial checks to make sure you have no CCJs and you may also be asked to provide a Guarantor who is working and a homeowner.

If your application is successful, you will need to pay the deposit and a months rent upfront. Meanwhile, the letting agent will carry out all the necessary paperwork such as the tenancy agreement which you will need to sign on the start date of the tenancy. They will also secure your deposit in a Deposit Protection Scheme which will enable you to get your deposit back, as long as you stick to the terms within your tenancy.


We hope you found this information useful and if you need any help with your rental property search in and around Manchester, we can help!