FAQs for Landlords and Tenants

We hope this FAQs page will provide advise for both Landlords and Tenants. However, if you still need more information please contact us and we will be more than happy to help. 

FAQs for Landlords: 

Whether you a first time Landlord or a seasoned property investor, the most important step is to ensure your property is safe for the tenant.

Make sure any repairs on fixtures and fittings have been carried out.

Give the property a mini makeover to ensure the property is well presented and up to date.

This will help make the process of renting out your property a lot smoother and help find tenants more quickly and they will be more likely to be happy once they move in.

You will also need to arrange Landlord insurance. It's important your current buildings and contents insurer knows you're renting out your property. 

Use a good letting agent to take the worry and stress of renting your property away.

It is always a good idea to use a good managing agent simply because it's what we do. We have the experience and knowledge of the property market, we know what is in demand and we know how to set a market rental value. Without this knowledge it could cost you dearly either with a property sat empty for weeks because you tried to let it at too high a rent or too low a rent.

  • We will prepare your property for letting we know the standards your property needs to meet and will advise you accordingly.
  • With our knowledge and experience we know all the legal requirements and we will be able to advise you. We can take the stress and worry associated with keeping up to date with Gas Safety Certificates, EPCs, Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR), Legionella Risk Assessments, CO2 Detectors, smoke alarms, tenant deposits and How to Rent leaflet. The Government is getting stricter with these things and new legislation is coming in all the time. 
  • We can let your property quicker as we have a database of tenants ready to rent and we can match their requirements to your property. Also our connections with Manchester City Council's Move On Support Team who also have vetted tenants ready to rent.
  • We offer full tenant referencing.
  • There is a lot of work involved with renting a property, it's not just about finding a tenant. Problems can arise with repairs and emergencies whether it be a tenant who has locked themselves out, a boiler breakdown or a leak. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week so you don't have to be.  

We base our rents on the Local Housing Allowance Rate set by the Governments Valuation Office Agency for renters who are claiming Universal Credit or Housing Benefit and for renters who are working.

The primary role of the Landlord is to provide accommodation which is of a decent standard and is fit for purpose. It is the Landlords responsibility to ensure the safety of the property and to keep it well maintained. 

To make sure you are up to date with current legislation. Failure to do this could land you with hefty fines or even a prison sentence. This is where a good managing agent is invaluable.

The main costs that you should expect to incur as a Landlord are:

  • The monthly commission to your managing agent for full property management. This is deducted from your monthly rent payment. 
  • You should also have money aside for repairs and upkeep of the property.
  • The cost of safety checks such as: Gas Safety Inspections, Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), EPC, Legionella Risk Assessments.
  • You should also pay for Landlord Insurance to protect you from any risks linked to your rental property. This can cover any unexpected costs like building damage and also any disputes. 
  • You also have to pay Landlord Tax which is usually determined by how much profit you make and also your personal circumstances such as how much income you earn from other sources. 

The tenant is responsible for any utility payments and council tax, as long as their name is on the tenancy agreement, except when the property is a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO).

When the property is vacant it is the Landlords responsibility to cover any utility bills and council tax during the void period.

FAQs for Tenants:

When you have found the best property for you let us know as soon as possible by emailing us or calling us as the rental market moves very quickly. 

We can then arrange a viewing and if the property is for you you will then fill out an application form.

We will then carry out a credit check and referencing. If your application is successful you will hear back from us to tell you the great news. Please note In some cases a guarantor will be required. 

We do not charge any holding deposit fees, unlike most letting agents, so there is no need to worry about unnecessary costs. 

We will arrange a move in date where you will sign your tenancy agreement and provide a months rent and a months deposit. (Your deposit will be placed in our Deposit Protection Scheme)

Your deposit and first month's rent needs to be paid on the day of signing your tenancy agreement. This can be done via bank transfer to our client account. 

Your monthly rent then needs to be paid by standing order into our client account.

Your deposit will be placed in a Government approved Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) account within 30 days of it being payed to us. 

At the end of your tenancy an outgoing inspection will be carried out on the property and you will get your deposit back if you have met the terms of your tenancy agreement and haven't caused any damage to the property. If all the criteria is met you will get your deposit back within 10 days of both agreeing how much of the deposit will be returned to you. 

The responsibilities that you will need to adhere to are:

  • To pay your rent in full and on time
  • Look after your home, report any repairs needed, make sure your home is heated and well ventilated to help avoid condensation, dispose of any rubbish.
  • Allow access for any repairs and inspections.
  • Adhere to the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement. 
  • Take responsibility for your behaviour, you can also be held responsible for the behaviour of anyone who lives with you or visits your home. 
  • To bring your tenancy to an end in the correct manner. You must adhere to the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement with regards to giving notice. 

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